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Chapter 1: The Beginning
Success doesn't come by accident: The boring and normal part...
I graduated in Computer Engineering and worked for 12 years in consulting on new technologies for clients, such as Telefónica I+D, Banesto, Enel o Caja Madrid.
I have always been interested in personal development, psychology, and human behavior. About 11 years ago, I read a book that talked about neuroscience and its application to human and intellectual development, and this radically changed the course of my life. I went to London to learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) directly from its creators, Richard Bandler first, and with John Grinder later. I got to know the coaching processes and decided to become a Professional Coach. Finally, I got my Diploma of Social Education at the UNED University of Madrid.
Over the next few years, I had continuous and intensive training in entrepreneurship and business with the greatest professionals, such as Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, as well as great mentors from the world of business, sales, and finance, such as T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, or Chet Holmes. And I even did a small master's degree in business and launched my own business!
For the next 8 years, I created, bought, and sold companies in different areas, from fitness, team building to corporate events. I provided coaching, consulting, and lecturer services for companies, designed and taught seminars and courses for dozens of companies, such as Adecco, SIRO group, or EAE Business School, or Telefónica's School of Commercial Excellence, as well as for groups of individuals. Also, at this time, I published two books in Spain, one on personal development and the second on professional development and business creation.

What type of business do you have?
A local business with a physical establishment
A service for companies with an office or little infrastructure (B2B)
An e-commerce business
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I am a Freelance or Freelance professional
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I want to start but I still don't know what structure it will have
Chapter 2: My fall and rebirth 
Success doesn’t come by accident... or easily!
Four years ago, I had a corporate events company in Spain that was starting to have fewer and fewer benefits. Three of my employees had set up on their own, robbing me of a few clients, some material, many accounts, and part of my dignity. 
Not only that, but I did not know about the situation until ONE YEAR LATER when I discovered that one of these three employees, who were still within my company, was discovered passing all the offers from our clients to his cronies so that they sent them the same solution at better prices.
THAT WAS THE REASON THAT WE HAD FEWER SALES! Well, I found out later that that was just ONE of the reasons.
Let me continue ...
In 2015, I decided to stop advertising on Google since we had less financial resources (obviously less money came in), and I did not want to SPEND money on ads if it wasn’t going to bring in many clients. We were organically at the top of the search engine and learned the hard way that ads are much more effective than organic ranking!
Finally, in 2017, with my tail between the legs, we sold what was left.
2018 was the year that changed everything. I moved to the USA for family reasons, which made it easier for me to access my new mentors in the world of marketing and sales: Russel Brunson, Dan Lok, and Julie Stoian. What I learned during an intensive period opened my eyes to a new world full of possibilities, made me fall in love and passionate that not only did I soon see amazing results, but my dedication to a new cause had turned again.
I was blind, no matter how hard I tried to offer the highest quality in my business and service, I was NEVER going to succeed in a big way without a good marketing strategy!
And so, I dedicated myself body and soul to helping online entrepreneurs and local businesses to attract more customers, help them create irresistible offers, fill their websites with visitors and turn them into customers eager to visit their premises, take out their credit cards and ... buy your services and products, whether they are physical as info products or online courses.
My secrets to...
Double your clients:
Implement these 5 easy marketing secrets and your business will grow exponentially
1. An Updated Web
2. Social proof
3. Explainer videos
4. Automation
5. Get clients
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